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What is gum disease in Philadelphia

When decay attacks your mouth most people immediately think about their teeth and cavities. While tooth decay is serious decay can also affect the gums. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that can spread into a very serious condition that can lead to tooth and even bone loss. Our Philadelphia periodontal office of Periodontal Consultants has been providing high quality periodontal services to the community.

Gum disease starts when debris, plaque or tartar accumulates along the gum line and pockets between the gum and teeth start to open up. As the irritants get into these pockets they get deeper towards the bone and gingivitis spreads further down eventually separating the gums from the teeth. Since the gums help support the teeth once the gum has separated the teeth are in a weakened position. Our dentist has several different periodontal treatments to combat gum disease depending on how advanced it is. For early stage gingivitis our doctors will use a non-surgical approach, for very mild cases regular cleanings should alleviate the problem while in slightly more advanced gingivitis our team will perform a special periodontal cleaning called scaling and root planing, where the gums are cleaned and the roots are smoothed to allow the gums to heal. For advanced cases of gum disease surgery may be required. There are several different types of periodontal surgery that our practice can perform to help the gums heal and reattach depending on what the particular type of problem is. Periodontal surgery can be performed using traditional surgical techniques or in some cases laser surgery. Our Philadelphia periodontal office doctors will often prescribe antibiotics to help get rid of the bacteria and infections associated with gum disease; these are either taken orally or will be applied directly to the infected area.

Gum disease is such a serious matter that our Philadelphia periodontal office doctors will include an evaluation of the health of your gums and measurements of any pockets the find as a part of a comprehensive annual exam given to all our patients. If your mouth hasn’t been evaluated for possible gum disease lately please make an appointment with our office for a checkup.

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